Modernization & Expansion

Capacity Augmentation & Energy Saving Project (ESP) at Vijaipur


In the FY 2012-13, Company has successfully commissioned Capacity Enhancement & Energy Savings projects along with installation of Carbon Dioxide Recovery plant at its Vijaipur – I & Vijaipur – II units. These projects involved investment of about ` 650 crore.


Pre-revamp capacity

Post-revamp capacity

Incremental production

Urea – I

2620 MTPD

3030 MTPD

410 MTPD

Urea – II

2620 MTPD

3231 MTPD

611 MTPD

Annual basis (Urea – I&Urea– II)

17.29 LMT

20.66 LMT

3.37 LMT

The total annual Urea capacity of the company after completion of these revamps of Vijaipur-I & II has been increased by 3.37 LMT to 35.68 LMT. 

In addition to the augmentation of installed Urea capacity, Company has also achieved reduction in specific energy consumption per MT of Urea produced.

Conversion of Fuel Oil based plants at Panipat, Bathinda & Nangal to Natural gas feedstock

Company has implemented the following capital schemes for feedstock conversion from Fuel Oil to Natural gas at Panipat, Bathinda & Nangal involving a total investment of ` 4066 Crore.


Ammonia Plant Feedstock conversion project

Panipat & Bathinda


LSTK Contractor

M/s Larsen & Toubro Mumbai

Consortium of M/s Tecnimont SpA, Italy & M/s Tecnimont ICB, Mumbai

Process Licensor

M/s Haldor Topsoe, Denmark

M/s Kellog Brown & Root, USA

Post revamp Ammonia capacity, MTPD

900 for each Panipat & Bathinda


Zero Date

29th January 2010

29th January 2010

Estimated Project Cost, Rs. Crore

2587 (Panipat & Bathinda combined)



January 2013

April 2013

These feedstock conversion projects involve change over of feedstock from FO/LSHS to environment friendly energy resource i.e. NG/RLNG. These projects shall not only result in better environment but also result in savings on account of subsidy payoffs by GOI.

Panipat, Bathinda & Nangal plants are presently operating on Spot Gas in absence of domestic natural gas which is yet to be allocated by GoI.  

Post Feedstock Changeover, all the three plants at Panipat, Bathinda & Nangal are operating at more than 100% daily rated capacity within the design daily energy.



Revival of Ramagundam unit of FCIL

NFL in joint venture with M/s Engineers India Limited (EIL) is undertaking the revival of Ramagundam unit of Fertilizers Corporation of India Limited (FCIL). The revival project is conceived with setting up of 2200 MTPD Ammonia plant and 3850 MTPD Urea plant at the existing Fertilizer complex of Ramagundam unit of FCIL.

The bids received for Selection of Technology are under evaluation for both Ammonia as well as Urea. The pre-project activities towards Finalization of Concessionaire agreement and setting-up of Joint Venture between NFL/EIL/FCIL are in progress. Financial Model for the revival scheme has been prepared based upon the new Urea Investment policy notified.

EIL is undertaking the Environment Impact Assessment / Risk Assessment study for the revival project.


NFL has been endeavoring to increase its product line so as to improve upon its revenue and profitability. Company is predominantly dependent on one single product i.e. Urea. In view to expand product portfolio in its core business of fertilizers, NFL planned to set up a Single Super Phosphate (SSP) plant at its Panipat unit. 

In view of above, NFL is putting-up a 3,50,000 MT/Annum SSP plant at Panipat unit, for which consultancy contract has been awarded to M/s PDIL for selection of LSTK supplier and subsequently to provide PMC services. Project is expected to be completed by end of FY 2015-16.

Lining-up of consultant for conducting EIA / RA study for the project is under progress. 


NFL has been constantly working on the energy reduction and production improvement front. Accordingly, it is planned to set-up Purge Gas Recovery (PGR) unit at its Vijaipur _ II plant also as PGR is already set-up in Vijaipur – I.

PDIL has been awarded consultancy contract to select technology and line-up Purge Gas Recovery (PGR) contract on LSTK basis for Vijaipur – II plant.


NFL envisages to set-up a 120 MT/Annum Heavy Water plant at its Vijaipur unit, for which initial feasibility is being worked-out with Heavy Water Board. 


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