Background & Company Profile

NFL, a Schedule ‘A’ & a Mini Ratna (Category-1) Company was incorporated on 23rd August 1974 for setting up two Fuel Oil / LSHS based Urea plants at Panipat & Bathinda with annual capacity of 5.11 LMT each which commenced production in the year 1979. Nangal plant of Fertilizer Corporation of India was also merged with NFL in 1978 (with present annual installed capacity of 4.785 LMT of Urea) after re-organization of FCI group of plants. Subsequently first inland gas based plant on HBJ gas pipe line was set up by the company at Vijaipur in district Guna (Madhya Pradesh) with re-assessed annual capacity of 8.65 LMT which commenced commercial production in July 1988 and thereafter the capacity of this plant was doubled by commissioning of its expansion plant in the year 1997. In line with the directives of GoI, the company revamped its three Fuel Oil plants at Panipat, Bathinda & Nangal for changeover of its feedstock from Fuel Oil to eco-friendly fuel i.e. natural gas with a total investment of Rs. 4066 crore during the year 2013 which not only reduced the energy consumption / carbon footprints but also helped in reducing the subsidy burden on GoI. The company also revamped its both the plants at Vijaipur in the year 2012 for capacity augmentation and energy saving which has enabled the company to produce Urea beyond re-assessed capacity of the plants to improve the profitability of the company. The present annual installed capacity of the company is 35.68 LMT of Urea.

NFL is the 2nd largest producer of Urea in the country with a total share of 15.5% and largest Urea producer amongst public sector Urea producing companies.

NFL has an authorized capital of Rs 1000 crore and a paid up capital of Rs. 490.58 crore out of which Government of India holds 89.71% shares and 10.29% shares are held by financial institutions & others.

NFL is engaged in producing and marketing of Neem Coated Urea, Bio-Fertilizers (solid & liquid) and other allied Industrial products like Ammonia, Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate. NFL, during 2015-16 has also commenced multiplication program for production of quality seeds for wheat, soybean, paddy etc. for sale in NFL’s own brand.

The Company also has a Bio-Fertilizer plant at Vijaipur with an annual capacity of 100 tonnes of solid (lignite based) and 125 KL of liquid Bio-Fertilizers where three strains of Bio-Fertilizers (Solid & liquid) viz. PSB, Rhizobium and Azotobacter are produced. These Bio-Fertilizers are sold in various states of the country.

Apart from production business, NFL is also into trading business and selling imported & indigenous fertilizers like DAP, MoP, Bentonite Sulphur and various other agro-inputs like certified seeds, agrochemicals i.e. Insecticides / Herbicides, Bentonite Sulphur, compost etc. through its existing vast dealers’ network under single window concept. The company has also envisioned entering into trading of non-agro products like cement, lubricants through its marketing network.

The company has a vast Marketing Network which comprises of a Central Marketing Office at NOIDA, three Zonal Offices at Bhopal, Lucknow & Chandigarh, 12 State offices and 38 Area offices spread across 17 States and Union territories.

In order to achieve the Vision of the company i.e. “To be a leading Indian company in fertilizers and beyond with commitment to all stakeholders”, NFL, in collaboration with M/s EIL and M/s FCIL has formed a Joint Venture (JV) Company as Ramagundam Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited (RFCL) to revive the old FCIL plant at Ramagundam (annual Urea capacity of 12.71 LMT) with equity participation of 26%. The company shall be leveraging its existing marketing network to sell the Urea to be produced by this JV Company and also looking forward to provide operation & maintenance services to this plant.

Hon’ble Prime Minister has unveiled the foundation stone of Ramagundam project on 7th August 2016 in the ceremony organized by State Govt. of Telangana. 

NFL has also awarded Contract for setting-up of 25,000 MT per annum capacity Bentonite Sulphur plant at Panipat with zero date as 25th July 2016. Foundation stone of the project has been unveiled by Hon’ble Cabinet Minister (C&F) on 8th September 2016.

NFL has entered into Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with M/s Hindustan Salts Limited (HSL) for providing Land and Raw material for setting-up of 8000 MT per annum MOP plant using sub-soil bitterns in the region of Little Rann of Kutch. NFL has also signed an agreement on 21.09.2016 with M/s CSMCRI (Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute) for providing Consultancy Services including Technology for the proposed MOP plant.

The company is also in the process of setting up new ventures to manufacture Water Soluble Fertilizer, Zinc Solubilizing Bio-Fertilizer etc. The company has also undertaken a R&D initiative with M/s IARI, New Delhi to design & develop an applicator & logistic arrangement for Urea Ammonia Nitrate (UAN) which is envisaged to be produced at Nangal Unit.

The company is also playing a pivotal role in extending various agricultural extension services such as educating the farmers on judicious use of fertilizers along with total know how on improved and scientific methods of cultivation to improve soil productivity. The company is providing support to the farmers by undertaking soil analysis for Macro & Micro Nutrients through its static & mobile soil testing vans for balanced use of fertilizers.

Towards Sustainable development, NFL has taken various initiatives in adopting best practices for environment management, energy conservation and social upliftment. Some of them include conversion of its three Fuel Oil based plants on natural gas which is a cleaner and greener fuel, switch over of coal fired boilers on gas, installation of 100 KW & 90 KW Solar Power Plant at Corporate Office and Bathinda Unit, disposal of flyash in a green manner, installation of energy efficient lightings (LEDs), rainwater harvesting, afforestation etc.. The company is also envisaging bigger capacity Solar Power Plants at its Units over the next couple of years.

The company is equally sensitive and committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility and focuses primarily on the areas like Children Education, Women Empowerment, Health and hygiene, etc., the company also aims to conserve the natural resources for their efficient and sustainable use. Company has taken initiatives in the area of water conservation by renovation and maintenance of old and degraded water bodies, construction of check dams in the severe water deficient regions of Central India. Company is also adopting focused approach for introduction of Non-Conventional sources of energy by installing Solar Water heating systems, solar lights, solar lanterns etc. in the old age homes and in the remote and backward villages where electricity is the major problem. In line with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the company has constructed toilets including bio-toilets in various Govt. schools near its manufacturing Units and marketing territory.