Green Initiatives

In line with the endeavor of the country to address various issues of global warming, NFL is also leaving no stone unturned in order to reduce carbon footprints in terms of energy reduction, recycling of waste & treated effluent and use of renewable & efficient source of energy etc. In this regard, NFL has recently commissioned revamp projects to save energy consumption & capacity augmentation at Vijaipur Unit and also in the process of commissioning revamps of its three Fuel Oil based plants for changeover of the feed stock from Fuel Oil to Natural Gas which is a highly energy efficient and environment friendly input. Besides this, NFL has also been undertaking various sustainable development programs including Afforestation, Use of Solar Energy, Water Conservation, recycling of fly ash etc.
NFL is among the first few companies which has commercially launched Neem Coated Urea in the market which is an eco-friendly product and improves yield of the crops. Appeal is being made to all the concerned at NFL from time to time at various forums to save energy and make efforts to reduce the consumption of inputs in their respective area of functioning..
As a small effort towards saving on paper consumption, recently all the Units & Offices at NFL have been requested to encourage printing on both the sides of the paper using duplex printers and even in case of non-duplex printers, Users have been requested to inculcate habit of printing on the both the sides of the paper using smaller fonts so that consumption of the paper could be curtailed across the company.
Increased use of E-Mails has also been advised to reduce consumption of Paper and other consumables..

The company has undertaken various environment development programs such as water conservation through rainwater harvesting, stop dams, sedimentation tanks and also planted thousands of trees in adopted villages. Company is also promoting non-conventional energy sources to reduce the carbon foot prints and installed solar lights in the villages

Water Conservation

  • Construction of sedimentation tanks.
  • Rejuvenation and improvement of existing water bodies.
  • Increasing height of best bear of irrigation ponds.
  • Facilities for roof top rainwater harvesting

Construction of Stop Dams

  • It has improved water availability around the year for farmers as well as for animals.
  • Crop production has increased which has resulted in greater returns to farmers. In long run it will help in curbing migration from villages
  • Double cropping and vegetable production has started

Social Forestry

  • Thousands of trees are being planted through special campaigns in adopted villages and in and around Company's plants.
  • Afforestation helps in maintaining the ecological balance of our planet.

Promoting Non-Conventional Energy Sources

  • Installation of solar lights in villages
  • Maintenance and monitoring done through participation of village community We are committed towards making a difference in the world we live in. Our efforts are to contribute for sustainable development. The Company endeavors to bring about positive impact through its activities for the overall development of the society.