Agricultural Extension Services

1. Fertilizers

The complete farmer satisfaction through best services is the drawing force of NFL’s marketing, strategy. The Company has expanded its programme from improving the crop productivity at farm level to the over all development of the farming community.To provide to the farmers high quality products in the right time, NFL has an extensive and integrated marketing network.The Company provides a comprehensive capsules of various fertilizer promotion activities, which includes agronomical programmes, use of extension media, publicity and farmer development programmes.

2. Soil Testing Services

Soil testing services are provided free of cost to the farmers to advocate the balanced use of fertilizers at economic levels. One mobile soil-testing unit caters to the need of the remotest of remote farmers in far areas and provide technical guidance to the farmer at field level.

3. Other Farm Services

Other farm services include fertilizer demonstration on cultivators fields, field days, fertilizer/farmers Mela, pilot project, adoption of villages etc. NFL also conducts various training programmes to educate the farmers on the balanced use of fertilizer and its timely application besides providing guidance on pesticides & fungicides.

NFL’s Farmer Training Centre at Vijaipur caters to the training needs of small and marginal farmers, particularly those belonging to tribal areas in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The training schedules are tailor made to suit the requirement of the farmers.To commemorate the 50th anniversary of India’s independence, the Company has undertaken a Sustainable Integrated Rural Development Programme, titled ‘Sulabh, National Fertilizer Development Initiative for Tribal Areas (SUNADITA). The mission of the project is to help the farming community in eradicating poverty and empowering people with self sustaining process of economic well being.